Stoli Goes On A World Tour With Traedonya

traedonya-blkwht-demo1.jpgBack in the early nineties Patra had a hit song, “Romantic Call.” Now almost a decade later Patra returns with Traedonya as they unleash the hit, “All Night Long.” After one listen to this track I had to get up with this sensation Traedonya and see what she is all about. Traedonya is truly on an international level!

Stoli: Your mother exposed you to music at a young age. How was your relationship with her growing up & did she support your desire to do music as a career?

Traedonya: My mother and I have a really great relationship, we always have.   Music has always been in my life.   It was my mother who sent me to dance lessons, voice lessons.   My mother always kept in the mix as far as the art world is concerned.   I’ve been around musicians my entire life.   My mother always stressed education though with whatever it is that a person is doing.   My mother is one of the biggest reasons my musical taste is so broad.   I heard it all in my house, Rock, Funk, Classical, Jazz, Blues and of course Gospel.   Hip Hop was something that I picked up on myself.  

Stoli: Your sound transcends into many genres, can you describe exactly, what the TRAEDONYA sound is?

Traedonya: It’s very hard to place me in a category.   This is the stuff that I grew up on, the stuff that played in my house. My mother and entire family are so very well rounded when it comes to the arts.   Moving around, growing up traveling, I’ve been raised on so many different things in the name of good music. The TRAEDONYA! sound, incorporates all sides of me. A little of it all.   How I see the world, different colors and shades, that’s how I see the music and that’s me. I can’t be placed in a box and I like it that way, I’m not limited or one dimensional.

Stoli: When you were touring all over Europe did that help you grow as a musician? Do you find a difference between the music scenes in the US versus that of Europe?

Traedonya: Oh. Most certainly, I grew a great deal!   Europe has an entirely different stroll when it comes to the music game.   They want the real deal, with what ever you claim as far as being an artist is concerned.   Don’t forget, they get tons of USA records that never came out in the USA at all.     They also get the European records that never come out in the American market place either, not because they are not good enough!   Just because the American Market place is very “all of the same” right now.   There is no real open clarity, to just do whatever it is that you do.   At your best of course!  

The difference in the music scene over there is the freedom.   As an entertainer, point blank, you can do what you want, with no inhibitions!   I love that!   The fans really want to have a great time as well.   You can be as creative as you want and not feel bad.   In the states, most artists have to stay in their lane so to speak.   Or have to make up excuses for why they did something different from before.   That seems to be changing though, a little, as we speak.

Stoli: When you are getting ready to create music where do you draw inspiration?

Taredonya: My inspiration for creating a song is really just a feeling. It could come through what I personally go through or have witnessed. Most of my songs though, are freedom songs.   I speak a lot about freedoms of mind and will of the people, songs of uplift.  

Stoli: In this crazy world that we live in, do you feel we will all ever live with, ‘Peace, Freedom, and Love’?

Traedonya: Yes, of course!   Man, woman and child will one day understand and over stand, if you will, the part we all play in the Universe.   Though I do believe that at this present time, some people ARE living in Peace, Love and Freedom!   People just have to realize the simple things that matter in life a lot more, that’s a start. Most people worry about the wrong shit!

Stoli: As a traveling artist do you find it difficult to settle with one lover or is monogamy very difficult?  

Taredonya: I’m not dating and I’m not seeing anyone at all.   Though, if I had someone, it would be very easy to be with that one person. Very easy for me because, even though I travel a lot, a solid foundation is very important to me.

Stoli: How did you link up with Prohibition Entertainment and how has that alliance helped bring you to the next level?

Traedonya: Through mutual business people, I guess that you can say we began to court one another.   The alliance has helped me a great deal.   I’m doing just what I want to do.   I play all over the world!   I’m learning and gaining wisdom on the business end of things, the math as I call it.   The next level means so many different things to me.   I get to have fun while I do business.   Prohibition respects my craft and they respect my hustle, and that’s what’s up!   The level of respect and creative space that I have with Prohibition is awesome!

Stoli: What is the message behind your hit song, ‘Beloved’?  

Traedonya: Beloved is a world song, it speaks of world love, respect of those   strangers that you pass by everyday in addition to the respect   we give to those that we say we love.   As the song says “There’s No Mystery, Just to Be Loved”.  

Stoli: When you are performing live, what must you do to get in the right frame of mind to entertain the crowd?  

Traedonya: I must be still for a minute before I go on stage.   I have to be quiet for some moments, it helps me to focus.   People forget all of the work that is done before the actual show, it’s a lot!

Stoli: What accomplishment are you most proud of in your music career?

Traedonya: My very active passport!   Simple and plain!   My career has allowed me to meet some really amazing human beings!   People that I probably would have never met and grew to love, if I didn’t travel as much as I do.   I appreciate seeing different cultures thrive.

Stoli: Do you feel that the transition from CD’s to digital downloads will ultimately help or hurt the music industry?

Traedonya: Actually, it’s been a very difficult process for me to handle. It’s a lot of work dealing with the digital world, it not like it’s one on one, or hand to hand. As far as hurting the industry, that’s kind of what’s happening right now, in some ways it’s cool and in other ways it’s a horror.   With downloading, you don’t get the packaging as a music fan.   You don’t get lyrics, the photos, the thank you box or anything.   It leaves the music lover with nothing but a song basically, nothing about the artist, really.   Nothing that you can hold in your hand.   Artists need for music lovers to get to know them, not just the song.   Hurting the industry, no… hurting the artist… yes!   It’s both sides of the coin.

Stoli: What musician has had the greatest influence on you personally & musically?

Traedonya: For me, that’s easy.   Mr. Chico Hamilton and The Large Professor aka Xtra P, both of whom I know personally.   There is a huge difference in age between the both of them, but they are very similar in the way that they see music.

The great legend Sir Chico Hamilton, showed me how to keep proper rhythm with my heel, how to keep up with the band.   He showed me how not to be inhibited, to just swing, the way music should be.   In Jazz, it’s all about improvisation, that’s sort of the way that I live my life too.   He’s also one of the people that spoke to me about traveling and living the music all over the world.

The Large Professor, a legend in his own right, is the full extent of the word concise!   Each and every time you hear a record from him, it’s solid and always profound!   He respects the art of Hip Hop, respects his craft.   He doesn’t skip the necessary steps, the steps the keep you precise.   In addition to that, he never let the music industry ruin him as a person.   I’ve learned a great deal from him, he’s been a huge influence on me.   Not to mention, that he produce my single “Another Lie” on Elektra Records.   He got me my first real record deal,     I learned from the best.   Both of these people did more for me than they probably even realize.

Stoli: If you were to give advice to other female singers coming up what would that be?

Traedonya: To focus, keep your skill up and stay prepared. That’s really all there is to it.

Stoli: What can we look forward to from TRAEDONYA! for the rest of 2008?

Traedonya: Well, I have a Film coming out that people will be able to rent, purchase.   It’s a film expressing the true breaking of an artist, not just a record.   The film takes you throughout the United Sates, as well as through Europe.   The cats that make it happen for me, the real deal.     It’s called “The Journey” and yes, it’s about my journey.   Also, there is a French Film project that I’m working on with a new director named Dence Tachatinni.   Of course, more music, my music!   I’ve been recording with several International artists, so we’ll see what happens.   I’m already having a great year, I’m appreciating it all. Oh yeah one more thing just happened fresh off the presses……TNBL(TM) look out for   it. I can’t say any more due to legalities. It is a compelling concept though…I am excited to be the face for it.
Thank you Stoli!


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