jinnrail_million_album.jpgThe previously NYC based Jinnrail started when a guy from Kentucky and a Floridian decided to join the New York music scene, then head off to L.A. and add their bassist.   Their new release shows their innovative blend of Southern Rock influences with a little British invasion, and a shot of country. This band recalls psychedelic/hippie style, with an updated punk/garage band spin.   Sell My Friends applies a little bit of early blues, then blasts into Marshall’s set on 10.   Unique and catchy.   Hey Man evokes Puddle of Mudd, with a different spin.   Million Lifetimes and Extraordinary are the ballads, in case you need them.   My Problems is a kind of spooky sounding complaint song, but in a good way (if that makes sense).  

A taste of various moods and styles uniquely delivered.   Add in a few rockabilly and blues riffs for good measure, and you have a diverse album.   You’ve uniquely found a non-stereotypical sound and style!


[RATING: 4/5]

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