david_forpromo_album.jpgThe NYC band The Rosenberg’s singer/songwriter/guitarist David Fagin is due to release his first solo album, working with band mate Joshua Aaron.   During the release of the group’s two albums, the band successfully received exposure from TV teen soaps to Playboy’s first video game.   Being one to buck authority and capitalize on his promotional skills, David turned down deals in order to start his own Noshpit Entertainment label.

David has since taken his talents to syndicated and satellite radio with great results.   The decision to stay away from the standard rock format, has lead to a release that is laid back.   Following the same vein, this CD shows a lot of the traits that make movies and TV shows more enjoyable to watch.   David employs a voice that can basically fit most styles of music.   Personalized lyrics and a straightforward delivery make for easy listening.   Keep an ear open for the first release “Goddess of Nothing”.  

Review By: RME

[Rating: 3/5]

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