The Matches – A Band In Hope


The Matches are an exceptionally gifted band musically and the fist two tracks off their new release are amazing. After the striking and exciting introduction of “Am Tilts”, and “Their City” the record falls staggeringly short. While the rest of the main body is rich in hooks and good melodies, it aspires to too high a level of grandeur and is mired by over production, tired theatrics, and borrows too much from other artists.

The single “Wake the Sun” sounds like a mash-up of Alanis Morrisette and Modest Mouse performed by Our Lady Peace. The obligatory Queen references that haunt “Darknss Rising” are too campy to be taken seriously. The rallying call of “We Are One” fails to inspire and “If I Were You” is the only real respite from the let down of the rest of the disc. The fact that this record is put out by Epitaph makes it even more disappointing as they usually deliver great albums. How many “Black Parades” and Sam’s Town’s” must we endure before artists can just realize it’s better to be themselves?

Review By: Bryan Maher

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  1. Ronald Raygun
    April 23, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    I could not disagree more. “Darkness Rising” too ‘campy’ to be taken seriously? That song brings tears to my eyes.

    I love the songs you mentioned — but my strong opinion is that it is the songs after Wake The Sun that make this album far above and beyond what almost all other pop/rock bands have been creating in the last 10 years. Especially amazing are “Between Halloweens,” “Clouds Crash,” “Darkness Rising,” “From 24C,” “We Are One,” and “To Build A Mountain.”

    Also, “Future Tense,” “Wake The Sun,” and “AM Tilts” are phenomenal pop songs, and “Yankee In a Chip Shop” is balls out classic punk!

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