The Birthday Massacre New EP On 5/6/08


It has been quite a buzz-heavy eight years for multi-genre’d rock band The Birthday Massacre (TBM). Building within different scenes and creating their own niche of 80s electronica with aggressive cinematic rock with a keen eye towards artistic integrity, they have never sold out for commercial acceptance, yet the mainstream has begun to embrace their brand of dark electropop. With a new EP Looking Glass ready for release on May 6, 2008 on Metropolis Records and a great new video for the title track that was recently debuted on MySpace, TBM will be hitting the road with NYC disco-metal upstarts Mindless Self Indulgence this Spring. Their underground dominion will undoubtedly soon be breaking into the mainstream. “Haha! I doubt that’s our official title,” laughs guitarist, Michael Falcore about being called one of the best underground bands. “We’ve been underground for so long that it has become our element. Every band has to carve their own niche nowadays. We’ve already done that, so I guess we’re lucky in that way. We cater to our fans directly and that’s the way we’ve always done it. We’ve never know any other way.”

The Looking Glass EP collects the single of the same name, two new tracks (“Shiver”, “Nowhere”), three remixes (“Falling Down (Crawling Pulse Mix)”, “Red Stars (Space Lab Mix)”, “Weekend (NYC 77 Mix)”) and one amazing cover (“I Think We’re Alone Now”) and comes bundled with the video for the title track. A great collection of new songs and new interpretations from the catalogue, Looking Glass captures the band in a pivotal place in their career, poised for their breakthrough. “This EP has a fairly eclectic range of sound and style so it’s difficult to compare one track with another,” explains rhythm guitarist Rainbow, about why he doesn’t have a favorite track from it. “I’m really happy with the remixes. Nobody threw a cheesy kick beat behind the original tracks and passed it off as a ‘dance remix’. Everyone brought something real to the table.”

“Looking Glass”

[youtube SREZ-ggSDjM nolink]

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