Stoli Hits The S. Bronx To Rhyme With City Haze


City Haze is my dog for life. That boy is from NYC and he wants the world to know it. Haze is a youngin’ in the game but he is on the come up for sure. You know here at Skope we messes with artists on all levels and that is why I had to get some time in with City Haze, respect that!

Stoli: Growing up in Brooklyn & the South Bronx you are living hip hop. What is the toughest thing in the streets trying to get your music game recognized?
City Haze: The toughest thing to me would be trying to outshine everybody else, there’s hundreds maybe thousands of emcees from NY trying to make it & get their music recognized and mainstream music has changed so much that the job has become so much harder.

Stoli: When you are chilling on a Saturday, hitting the streets, what kind of ladies are you peepin?

City Haze: (Haha) Definitely anything that catches my eyes, if I walk past a girl & she’s worth my attention I’m going to definitely speak up.

Stoli: You have been working the mixtape game heavy, when & where can we buy the ‘New York Warning’ mixtape?

City Haze: The “New York Warning” mixtape will be available real soon all of the information on getting a copy of it will be posted on my myspace which is

Stoli: How did you get the name City Haze?

City Haze: Being from New York (City) dudes use to always say, “Yo that kid is gonna be the future of Hip Hop & New York” so I took that into consideration & used (City) to the best of my advantage. Haze was a name that was given to me by friends I hang out with. If you buy a bag of (Haze) in the streets, hustlers refer to it as “that fire” so basically I just put the two together (City Haze) .

Stoli: If you were to do a collabo with another emcee from NY who would that be?

City Haze: I grew up listening to Jay-z, Biggie (R.I.P) & they always comes to mind for a NY collab .

Stoli: When you sit down to write lyrics do you use 100% inspiration from your real life drama?

City Haze: All the time man, growing up anywhere where you have to struggle to get over is tough, so I try to keep my music as personal as possible & I make sure all types of people can relate to it .

Stoli: Being that you are under 21 you are still rather young. When did you start rhyming & pursuing music full time?

City Haze: I started rhyming when I was about 17. Music runs in my family & it was something that I became extremely good at. I have older family members who always wanted to be rappers but no one ever gave them a break, so I invested in a home studio & started recording music in August of 2007. Within the short period of time of recording music, I was able to step & take things to the next level .

Stoli: When you are at a party or the club do you prefer a smoke session or shots at the bar?

City Haze: (Haha) Most likely shots at the bar.

Stoli: When the haters come around trying to step to Haze, what keeps you strong & focused on your goals?

City Haze: To be completely honest…haters come in a handful, but to me for every person that hates on talent there’s always a supporter & fan that will back your music up 100%. So definitely major shout outs to everybody that shows me love & support from the fans to the DJ’s & other artists .

Stoli: How do you & your crew react when you have beef in the streets verse beef on record?

City Haze: Beef plays a major role in the Hip Hop world. Most of the time on the underground scene that’s what people want to hear & see. Beef on the street sometimes gets solved by expressing yourself on a track or in other & worse matters . For it to be solved in worse matters isn’t good but people are always going to be people and sometimes certain things just never change.

Stoli: What producers are you working with on such tracks as “Brown Eyes?”

City Haze: I’ve worked with a handful of upcoming producers most of them reside in the UK. “Brown Eyes” was produced by Guilty J, a   young upcoming producer from the UK (under 21). Me & J definitely have a strong connection when it comes to music or better yet real Hip Hop . He definitely reached out & we both believe that we can make things happen & bring great music to public ears.

Stoli: What can we look forward to from City Haze for the rest of 2008?

City Haze: Nothing but power moves in 2008 . Also look out for my “City Lane” project which is in the works right now & is sounding real serious so far. Major shout out to Mike Friedman & the rest of Skope Magazine for making this happen.


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