An Horse Announce EP


Brisbane, Australia’s An Horse used to be about procrastination. An Horse was Kate Cooper’s (Iron On) way of not doing things that she was meant to be doing. Like studying or assignments. But Kate finished university. She got a couple of degrees, then started law school but soon decided that perhaps these law folk weren’t her people. So she started playing more music and doing crosswords on a semi-competitive basis. Her friend Damon Cox (Intercooler, Mary Trembles) was already playing music but he wasn’t that into crosswords (he is more a sudoku man). He got her a job in the record store he worked at. They were both pretty good at looking busy at work and watching physical CD sales dwindle. Collectively they decided this was the industry for them! So one day they closed the store (maybe a little early) and made music (not love).

They did get busted for closing the record store early. They don’t work there anymore but they still play music together. Late last year they recorded their debut EP ‘Not Really Scared’ with famed producer Magoo. The EP is coming out through Australia’s finest label Valve/MGM in April. Before they even had a release date, An Horse were invited by Tegan and Sara to support them throughout the US in April/May. An Horse are excited about this and the possibility of doing The NY Times cryptic crossword EVERY DAY!


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