Sasquatch Festival Appearance Confirmed for May 25 Followed by May 28 Headline Date at Henry Fonda Theater

Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, the he and she music factory known as Mates of State, have confirmed the May 2008 release and track listing for their fifth full length album, Re-Arrange Us. They have also confirmed that Mates of State will appear at the Sasquatch Festival Sunday, May 25, followed by a May 28 date at Los Angeles’ Henry Fonda Theater, and a full headlining tour and numerous other festival dates to be announced shortly. The tour will mark Mates’ first extensive road trip since NPR’s This American Life tour last February, where they provided musical interludes between Ira Glass, Dave Eggers, Dan Savage, Sarah Vowell and David Rakoff’s readings to 3000+ crowds across the U.S.

Produced by Peter Katis and Mates of State, the track listing for Re-Arrange Us is:

Get Better
My Only Offer
The Re-Arranger
Blue and Gold Print
Help Help
You Are Free
Great Dane
Lullaby Haze

Re-Arrange Us also features the most complex packaging of any Mates of State release to date.   The reversible and multi-layered cover art allows fans to “Re-Arrange” it into no less than eight different configurations.

The packaging of Re-Arrange Us could well be seen as a reflection of the growing complexity of Mates of State’s music. While, until recently, Jason and Kori have performed exclusively as a duo, Mates of State have never failed to generate a trademark wall of sound built on dozens of varied voicings of keys, drums, and alternately lushly layered and playfully dueling vocals. On Re-Arrange Us they move beyond these boundaries with additional instrumentation-not to mention a quantum leap in song craft apparent on instantly indelible gems like “Now,” “Jigsaw” and “Get Better.” Throughout Re-Arrange Us, Kori’s piano and the emergence of both Mates’ lead vocals from their trademark harmonizing signal the next stage of Mates of State’s evolution.

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