The Deadly Sins at the Middle East

The Deadly Sins, Middle East Upstairs, 2.16.08

Personally, I went to see the Deadly Sins for one reason, lead singer Stephanie. This is no knock against the other band members. They’re all quite good. Billy, the lead guitarist who also contributes some vocals, is particularly fun to watch on stage and has a great scream. Really, though, Stephanie is the draw. You may not know her by sight, but if you listen to the Dropkick Murphys you know her voice. She’s frequently sung with them and is particularly known for their single “The Dirty Glass.” Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed seeing her live. Her voice really is powerful. When Stephanie sings, her voice is clear and strong, but she can also get a good, hardcore scream on, too and has good stage presence. Some of the songs were a little too pop punk for my taste, but overall I really enjoyed the show.

The Men came on after them, which is a sort of local super group. We were looking forward to them, but left early. For the level of talent in the band, the songs weren’t very innovative. It felt like a retread of songs I don’t really want to hear again. We missed the first band that played and only caught a song or two from the band before the Deadly Sins. To be honest, I’m not sure if we caught Mark Lind and the Unloved or Americana Romantic (I know, I’m a bad reviewer….). Either way, I didn’t enjoy it, too cheesy. The Deadly Sins were the real draw at this show and they delivered.

Random Musical Notes
On March 28, Brother Ali will be playing at the Middle East Downstairs. He’s good, bouncy hip hop from Minneapolis. I’ve never thought of Minnesota as a hot bed of good hip hop, but he’s good. I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to make the show, but it’s definitely on my radar. I just found out that the Aggrolites will be playing on the 15th of April, so hopefully I’ll be able to make that one. Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Prolyphic and….. KRS-One (!) will be playing at Harper’s Ferry on April 21. I’m hoping to be able to do something with this show, so check back. KRS-One. Damn.

By Stacy Coronis

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