Stoli Razz Chills Out With Kevin Michael


Kevin Michael is the new voice of the majors. This artist has got soul and rhythm for days! He was on the road with Maroon 5 so we sent Stoli to check his live show in Boston. Kevin was cool enough to kick it with Skope too.

Skope: You have worked with many other artists like Wyclef and Lupe, who is an artist that you have not worked with that you want to?

KM: Kanye West

Skope: How did it feel when you found out that Atlantic wanted to give you a record deal?

KM: I’m actually signed to Downtown/Atlantic records…so I was signed to Downtown first and foremost…I don’t know…it felt relieving…it felt right…it felt like I was one step closer to where I need to be in life.

Skope: How would you descibe the music scene in Philly? Chester?

KM: Well the music scene in chester is pretty non-existent…a few…me…Sean Garrett has a connection there…but as of recent…people of the “here & now” generation…not much is going on like back in the old days…Philly’s music scene is pretty cool…we are a very tight-knit community…everybody sorta knows everybody else…great musicians and singers…a lot of tradition and legacy…gamble & huff…”neo-soul”…we are good!

Skope: How long have you been rocking that major afro? It’s awesome…

KM: The past five years!

Skope: What 2 albums besides your own do you like to listen to?

KM: Brandy…Full Moon and Afrodisiac!

Skope: Would you say that being a musician is a big plus with the ladies? Have you ever got lucky strictly based on your status?

KM: A gentleman never kisses and tells!

Skope: How much of your real world experiences are parlayed into your music?

I would say about 40% of it is autobiographical…the rest is fantasy and/or other people’s personal lives…sorry bff!

Skope: Are you pleased with how your album came out?

KM: Yes!

Skope: What can we look forward to from Kevin Michael in the next 6 months?

KM: Hopefully people will actually know who the hell kevin michael is…that would be nice, lol! Alot more promotion…CD…singles…going overseas a lot more…just basic world domination, lol!

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