Y-Love – This is Babylon

ylove_babylon.jpgMany entertainers are afraid to take a chance, Brooklyn rapper Y-Love proves that he is willing to risk it all for his voice in the world. Taking listeners on an unexpected journey with his new album This is Babylon, Y-Love makes attempts to captivate audiences with lyrics in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and ancient Aramaic. Most of which gets lost in translation and the confusion caused by the lack of vocal to track marriage.

While through out the album listeners will be enlightened only two songs “6000” and “Mind Transit” truly make a serious attempt at breaking the monotone, high school economics feel set by the bass line production of the album. Y-love never quite finds his groove; you never experience any real variation in flow or vocal tone. The production leaves you wishing some one put a little more effort into the project or gave a little more direction to the artist on becoming one with the track. The switching of languages comes off as gibberish squeezed in, or a ploy to garner attention. The hooks leave a lot to be desired. Nothing on the album jumps out and says “Buy me I’m a hit!” Y-love has a lot to say and the passion to get it out. This is Babylon isn’t for the worry free listener. The music speaks to those looking past production, style and musical marriage for a life lesson. Being kind this one reaches a very specific market.  

By Etcetera Carter

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