Mike Mangione – Tenebrae

mangione_tenebrae.jpg“Mike Mangione’s first concert was unfortunately the George Michael Faith tour when he was in second grade,” reads his website. In all honesty, the similarities are apparent. Sure, George Michael’s voice always seems to follow a corny and unusually upbeat melody and his pants are just slightly tighter, but with some minor adjustments and facial hair Mangione and Michael could be one and the same. Their voices, appearance and obsession with awkward poses in black and white photographs are deathly similar.

Tenebrae begins with love songs “Waiting For No One” and “It’s Me Not You,” a track describing the trials and tribulations of using arguably the most popular relationship breakup phrase in history. The album continues its negative direction with “The Killing Floor” and “First Time: Please Forgive Me,” the shameful begging stage of a failing relationship. The next likely stage is presented in the next track “You Don’t Wanna Leave,” and though the denial is borderline pitiful, the album accurately depicts the ups and downs of a heartbroken mate.

While heartbreak is saddening the desperation becomes deplorable as Tenebrae continues with “It’s a Hard Road to Crawl,” “Now That it’s Done, Won’t You Come Back,” and “I’m Sorry Again.” By the end of the album Mike Mangione appears to have produced a compilation of “awesomely bad love songs” similar to his aforementioned twin, George and has listeners reconsidering just how influential the childhood concert really was.

By  Kendra Desrosiers

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