drzhivegas_getdown.jpgDRZHIVEGAS is stuck in a time warp. The St. Louis quartet somehow managed to get trapped inside Sebastian Bach’s closet and rummaged through 80s memorabilia that has been long deplored by today’s mainstream world. But these rebels seem to love the glam era. In fact, that time period has directly influenced their music, their wardrobe and even their cheesy band name, DRZHIVEGAS (pronounced doctor-zhi-vegas). The dancehall rockers tried breathing new life into the movement on their debut Get Down. Instead, the outdated album suffocates their artistry.

There are rare shades of brilliance on Get Down, but that brilliance isn’t too easy to spot. DRZHIVEGAS starts off their nine-track collection with “Gimmie Whatcha Got,” an energetic radio-friendly single containing an aggressive rock forte to which people could shake their hips and bang their heads. That flair, however, is only revisited on the following songs, “Get Down On It” and “Wonder.” Then, the record gradually gets worse.

The throwback band alters their vibrant style by incorporating bluesy melodies and funky bass lines with an electronica twist. Although the quartet flaunts their creativity, they shouldn’t. Their quintessential hybrid isn’t satisfying at all, especially during slower efforts like “Do U Wanna” and “Crazy.” Not surprisingly, they end Get Down weakly with “Gone,” which seems like a bad attempt of impersonating modern-day Bon Jovi.

DRZHIVEGAS is booked to perform an assortment of gigs throughout Missouri over the next few months. If they continue sitting in their dance-glam niche, then leaving that state isn’t in their future.

By Bear Frazer

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