Strings of Consciousness – Our Moon Is Full

strings_ourmoon.jpgStrings of Consciousness admit that they only record stuff for their own amusement. Good thing, because only six people, tops, are ever going to buy Our Moon Is Full, a title that suggests that the nine “musicians” (nearly twice the number of their fans!) who “collaborated” on this “project” are either new-age knot-heads or werewolves, if there’s a difference.

You want a comparison, don’t you. How about the last Liars album shoving Furby-guts up the nose of a def poetry record? No? Okay, maybe the first Tiger Claw Records compilation hijacked by…wait, you’ve never heard of Tiger Claw? Oh. They once put out a comp of circuit-bending artists, see, featuring all the “relevant” “experimental” “musicians” who do circuit-bending, which, long story short, involves a “musician” diddling a Game Boy or whatever with a screwdriver until it emits a stream of annoying squeals and glitches, much like the crap at the end of Wilco’s “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.”

Stupid as fuck, and not really music? Yes, but you really should take a second to write and tell these guys. I have no problem with six fans wasting their spare money on stuff like this, and it’s sort of cute how people like that tend to congregate in squeaky “you and me against the world” internet clusterfucks. But the band is a threat to civilization and themselves by taking it seriously enough to add fat choruses, synth-symphonics and def poetry to it. It’s your duty to help them stop.  

By Eric W. Saeger

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