Cymarshall Law – Hip Hop in the Flesh

 From superheroes to political issues to family strife, Cymarshall Law covers a range of topics and delivers a variety of sounds on his 2007 CD, Hip Hop in the Flesh. This album is not in the tradition of today’s bling-laden, champagne-swilling, over-produced rap albums. ‘Cymar’ puts thought into his lyrics and the diversity of background vocals and instrumentation adds interest throughout. Cymar sings about personal heroes like Pelé, Bruce Lee, and Bob Marley in ‘The Great Ones’; respect is given for dedication and mental strength rather than wealth or street smarts.

Articulate and clear, it’s great to have a hip-hop album that can be understood rather than trying to decipher mumbling and repetitive rounds of ‘uh-uh’. Creative lyrics and catchy background beats keep things interesting and fresh. ‘Super Girl’ tells a familiar story about a misfit with super powers — like a comic book set to a back beat, Cymar illustrates with his voice. Another highlight is ‘Addiction’, with this great line: “People drink to drown sorrow, but sorrow can swim.”

Without big name guest vocals this album has a pure feel and rewards fans of true hip-hop, definitely worth a listen.

By  Lara Killian

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