The Warriors – Genuine Sense of Outrage

warriors_genuine.jpgFor someone who isn’t into hardcore, screamo music, the first word that comes to mind when listening to The Warriors is intense. Screamo as a genre tends to sacrifice melody and easily distinguishable lyrics for the sake of the overall emotion, and The Warriors are no exception.

The album as a whole favors heavy, distorted electric guitar chords backed with drum beats as introductions. “Silence is Bliss” appears to stray from this format, opening with a different sound, but it slips back into more or less the same routine after just a few seconds. As someone who is not a hardcore screamo enthusiast, distinguishing one song from another is highly difficult.

One thing I can appreciate is the dedication of these musicians. They spend 300 days out of the year on tour. They are relentless at pursuing their craft, and if that craft is expressing anger to crowds of people, then they succeed. However, to the untrained ear, a better solution than a tour would be anger management classes.

Compared to other hardcore bands, The Warriors surprised me in that a few of their songs are actually peppered with real singing, melodies and all! They quickly revert back to the screaming, however, but the singing does not go unnoticed. In another accomplishment, this is the first screamo CD I ever listened to in its entirety, although I still have no idea why they’re so angry.

By Valerie Williams

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