Elliot Yamin – Holiday Collection

elliotyamin_holiday.jpgWhen Elliot was on American Idol, I didn’t really get why people voted for him. He seemed an average singer with bad teeth. However, in this CD his soulful voice is smooth as chocolate and — Ta Da! — his teeth are fixed.

His Motown mixed version of “This Christmas” is cute and homey, something you could imagine two older people slow dancing to. Same with “Little Drummer Boy”, and “Merry Christmas, Baby”. And pretty much all the songs after that.

Though these songs won’t make you jump out of your seat and carol along, they’re good fireside, cuddling songs. And Elliot gets a chance to show off, too. He sails through the songs, sounding impressive and silky soft. It’s an easy listen, calm and cool.

By Alison Maney

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