Somobe – The Great Communication

somobe_communication.jpgEver wonder what happened to hard hitting intelligent hip-hop, without the excessive use of the “n-word”? Back in the day that trail was blazed by hip-hop legends like KRS-1, De La Soul, and a hand full of others. Today’s hip-hop generation of misogyny, cribs, and 24” rims is about to wake up to the debut release from Las Vegas natives Somobe [So-Moby], called The Great Communication.

From the opening track, “Building”, to “Something’s Gonna Happen”, “We Need a Love Song”, and “If I Can’t”, The Great Communication shatters the mold of today’s prepackaged hip-hop. Bangin’ beats, an edgy and highly intelligent lyrical style, a positive message, and sprinkles of other genres on top make The Great Communication a delicious hip-hop delicacy anyone can sink their teeth into.

With lyrics like “Something’s gonna happen I’m not just rappin”, and “cause and effect”, Somobe gets into the face of today’s MCs to challenge the hip-hop nation into taking responsibility for their words and actions. Words can be very powerful, especially to a generation raised by single moms, and few father figure role models to regulate on ridiculous behavior. Somobe smacks some lyrical sense into a generation that seems lost in a sea of stupidity, but knows they deserve better.

For those of you out there looking to live the ‘thug life’, Somobe asks you to, “At least take a moment to learn from the deceased”.

By  Gary Jacobs

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