Earlimart – Mentor Tormentor

earlimart_mentor.jpgLess than a year after work began on Earlimart’s latest album the Los Angeles-based band released Mentor Tormentor, a 15 track album about relationships and self-discovery. The record kicks off with “Fakey Fake” a nice blend of guitar, percussion and breathy vocals, courtesy of Aaron Espinoza, which all develop into an almost anthem-like melody.

Equally noteworthy is “Happy Alone” with lead vocals picked up by Ariana Murray. The piano driven track slowly builds in intensity but doesn’t over power Murray’s beautifully allaying performance. Yet another stand out track is “Don’t Think About Me.” With achy vocals the haunting track gets to the earnest root of love loss.

When artists release an album there are generally two directions they can go in. At times each track may sound completely different with one song being totally detached from the next. This isn’t a bad thing, but there’s something great to be said when an artist can create an album with a sense of cohesion by each track complimenting the next and where a theme for the project exists.

With Mentor Tormentor’s beautiful vocals and intriguing lyrics Earlimart pulls off the latter resulting in a truly masterful piece of work. Earlimart definitely has a signature sound and it can be summed up in one word. Amazing.

By Esperanza Juarez

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