Street Spirit – Take What You Want From It

streetspirit_take.jpgWhat motivates an artist to write songs? Where do they get the inspiration to grab a pen and leave their heart and soul on a piece of paper? San Jose-based rap artist Street Spirit transforms his life experiences to create one of the best hip hop CDs to cross my desk in 2007. Smart and sassy lyrics that really tell a story — even the curse words are used selectively to really make an impact on each track. Sure, some of the song themes are common in the rap genre, but Street Spirit has found a way to put his spin on these subjects in a new and fresh way.

Listening to the lyrics transports me to watching a movie in my mind, watching this artist live the words he spits. My favorites include “Dope 101” and “The Testimony” on this stellar seven song collection. The words have not been sanitized, the beats will knock you back a few feet and Street Spirit won’t be apologizing when you begin neglecting the rest of your CD collection while only listening to his music. You’ve been warned.  

By  Joseph A. Italiano

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