Random Touch – A True Conductor Wears a Man

random_conductor.jpgRandom Touch’s A True Conductor Wears a Man from Token Boy Records is a remarkable album–a brilliantly crafted collage of sounds with its own internal structure and beauty. Powered by conventional, electronic and exotic instrumentation and featuring distorted voices, True Conductor has an exquisite starkness to it, managing to seem both distant, as if piped in from some galaxy wheeling at the fringes of the universe, and yet intimately human as a heartbeat at the same time.

It’s a challenging album, but in the best sense. Give yourself over to it (and give yourself plenty of time) and you’ll find strange and unexpected delights. My personal favorites of the “songs” (I use the term loosely) are the subtly stirring “Getting Ready,” the solemn “Illumination of the Flesh” which begins with a shaman-like incantation, and the troubled and troubling “All the While”.

By Trebor Lloyd

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