Gallucio – All For You

All For You Gallucio’s debut album on the Cornerless Records label features solid lead vocals and fine guitar work from Anthony Gallucio, strongly backed by a talented band and guests.

Gallucio definitely has its own sound and it works particularly well where the band shows a bit of edge and rocks out on stand-out numbers like “California Jesus,” “Breakin’” and “Crawlin’ Back to You.”

Sometimes, however, the band’s sound seems to get bogged down in some no-man’s land between rock and R&B/blue-eyed soul, often interlarded with too much organ, where the music becomes soggy and ordinary. But the rollicking fun of “The Choir” shows that Gallucio has the potential to put together a mix of rock and soul that can combust with a joyful noise. While the album has its flaws, All For You unveils a band with considerable promise.

By  Trebor Lloyd

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