Modena Vox – Transportation

modenavox_transportation.jpgAt its very best, Modena Vox’s Transportation is boring. Like warmed over Oasis or Interpol with no hook or energy, Vox is a perfect example of why Yanks shouldn’t try to sound like Brits. Even though some songs, like “L.F.A.S.” and “Show Me” seem to promise fast rocking bits, those songs always peter out in languid noodling.

At its worst, Transportation is monotonous and taxing. Despite a brief two and a half minutes, a song like “Ride” quickly wears out its welcome with lazy, repetitive song writing. This isn’t a CD for people who like to toe tap and head bob, this is a CD for people who go to bed early and need something to help them nod off.

Now that’s not to say that Modena Vox doesn’t sound good, in fact they are a pretty solid band, they simply sound like everyone else. Vox proudly lists off their influences to include the likes of The Beatles, Stone Roses and The Replacements, and their problem seems to be that they borrow too heavily from their influences rather attempting anything they could call their own.

By David Feltman

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