Justin Currie – What is Love For?

justincurrie_love.jpgI can’t figure out why Justin Currie would put a song like “What is Love For?” on this album, much less make it the title track. With wince-worthy lyrics such as, “What is love for, Does it wash good people ashore, Does it keep the wolf from the door” I was ready to chuck this one out until I discovered there were a few worthwhile songs hidden on the track list.

The closing track, “No Surrender” is quick witted lyrically and atmospheric musically and “Where Did I Go?” is a sharply composed number that starts at a slow saunter and boils to a blazing outro. Unfortunately, these moments aren’t as often as one would hope for and the few good tracks are forgettable and incapable of redeeming this CD.

Currie does have a great voice, but you can find dozens of smokey balladeers with equal singing abilities and better albums. So unless you just happen to be a fan of Currie’s previous group, Del Amitri, you’re better off sticking to someone like Elliot Smith.

By David Feltman

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