LCD Soundsystem – 45:33

lcd_4533.jpgInteresting. Before you even pop the CD into the player you notice it’s different. The first six songs are combined together under one title, which is also the title of the CD, 45:33. Being lumped under one title is pretty much all they have in common. Those six songs as well as the other three songs on the CD, “freak out/starry eyes,” “north american scum (onanistic dub),” and “hippie priest bum out” each have such an assorted mix of sounds not only from one song to the next but within each song itself, sometimes ethereal, at times frenetic, and other times sounding like the reincarnation of 70’s TV show theme music.

While it’s primarily an instrumental CD, a few songs do have some vocals, although they are simple and sparse. The R&B flavored vocals in song two complement the funky backbeat, while the vocals in “north american scum” only consist of “north america” being called out from time to time during the song.It’s nice background music, but not very compelling

By  Kat Coffin

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