Melody Club – At Your Service

melodyclub_service.jpgBeing likened to ABBA is an outwardly questionable-at-best comparison, but in the case of Swedish rockers Melody Club and At Your Service, it’s a complimentary measure. Melody Club is a badass, contemporary version of ABBA without the prancing, leotarded visions of Mamma Mia! So what warrants the comparison? Because Melody Club plays catchy, fun music that is just as able to pack the dance floor as it is to make the regular rotation on the local pop radio station. Melody Club plays a sort of synth-glam rock hybrid, and part of this appeal can be attributed to excellent production including Michael Ilbert, who worked with The Strokes and The Hives, and Klas Ahlund, who worked on Robyn’s latest album. At Your Service is a compilation of the best tracks from the band’s first two albums, 2002’s Music Machine and 2004’s Face the Music.

One of the most appealing qualities of Melody Club is the seemingly chronological adaptability of their music. Any one of the songs on At Your Service could easily fit nicely on a John Hughes movie soundtrack, while several of their music videos have garnered habitual play on MTV Europe. At Your Service opens with the band’s 2002 debut hit single “Palace Station,” and Kristofer Ostergren’s pleasing vocals over Jon Axelsson’s hypnotic keyboard are reminiscent of another Scandinavian pop juggernaut; A-Ha’s infectious “Take On Me.” Befitting of the band’s current appeal, “Breakaway” sounds like background music from a skate or snowboarding video

By William Pitcher

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