Grayshot – Waiting Days

Not anyone can be a musical genius, and as such, there are very few artists out there who manage to do something new and totally unexpected. Instead, what happens is this: one band comes up with a sound, and then facsimiles of that band start appearing all over the place; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. The problem with this formula is that there are bands copying musicians who were never any good in the first place. Sorry, Coldplay–this means you.

You can hardly blame bands like Grayshot for reproducing the sound of Coldplay. Meaningless, but supposedly heartfelt lyrics sung in a sweet, almost falsetto voice set to the right three chords have made many bands millions of dollars, and since there are so many of these songs out there, I can only assume that they’re easy to come up with. This is the equivalent of fast-food in the music industry. And sadly, there will always be a place for it.

It’s not that there’s anything particularly wrong with Grayshot’s EP, Waiting Days. It’s more that we’ve heard it all before, so it has all the excitement of a warm bath. The funny thing is that the album smacks of over-production, even though it’s self-released. Usually you don’t hear this kind of studio sterility until a band is signed by a major label. Normally I would feel a slight pang of guilt for slamming a band that isn’t all that bad, in and of itself. But their formula should garner them enough success without my lip service.

By Celena Carr

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