Alvin Lee – Saguitar

alvinlee_saguitar.jpgNow this is blues-rock for real blues enthusiasts! I am of course referring to Alvin Lee’s latest album, Saguitar. Those of you yearning for a Ten Years After fix might be disappointed, for this latest effort is a lot less rocking and bit more bluesy than Lee’s previous incarnation. Think more Scotty Moore, less Yard Birds. With that being said, don’t think this album doesn’t bring it on home; Saguitar is laced with some of the most rollicking rhythms and soul bruising hooks in the blues-rock arena. “The Squeeze” is one such number that goes in and out of heavy-handed guitar riffs and heavy hearted melodies. “Got a Lot of Living to do” is another gem, is slightly reminiscent of Mississippi delta blues, but without all the sorrow.

The most surprising track on the album is not very blues-oriented at all. “Rapper” is a track of funky looped drums fills, some very wicked guitar harmonies, and even a little “rapping” by the man himself. This maybe not be an album for those unfamiliar with Lee’s previous works, but for any fan of the blues, it’s a definite treat.

By Charley Lee

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