Impending Doom – Nailed.Dead.Risen

impendingdoom_nailed.jpgBlast beats, metalocalypse themes and the guttural bellowing vocals of Brook Reeves take the listener to the darkest corner of the subterranean world, and this is where you will find Impending Doom.

Although the band hails from sunny and affluent Corona, California, Impending Doom sharetheir demonic inclinations with standout tracks of irony such as the title track “Nail.Dead.Risen” and “He’s Coming Back”. These Jesus references are juxtaposed with the down-tuned, pitched harmonics and the very dense sound associated with the music of the Beelzebub.

The band relies on furious, fast, distorted, palm muting guitar and creates very unusual chord progressions with no regard for standard verse-chorsus-bridge-chorus arrangements. This is both refreshing and disconcerting. Nailed.Dead.Risen plays like a death metal rock opera version of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, with all the tracks sounding very similar and sharing common themes of faith, sin, death and resurrection.

Not to be confused with “brutal death metal”, “Scandinavian death metal” or “death/doom”, Impending Doom are west coast all the way! Unlike their contemporaries who pride themselves on remaining obscure and underground, Impending Doom are saying “good riddance” to old school death metal, and will be appearing at a mall near you.

Review By: S.D. Peer

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