The Peaces – Is/Are/Was/Were

thepeaces.jpgI’m envious of the money somebody in this alleged 3-piece band must have to be able to spend all that time in the studio, overdubbing and layering all those vocals. What I’m hearing is a highly professional, painfully polished attempt at creating a 21st Century America or Bread, or at times perhaps an uninspired Brian Wilson.

The damn-near perfect layered vocals in this soft-rock tour-de-force are so smooth and listenable, one finds oneself distracted and ultimately overwhelmed trying to absorb the terribly thoughtful lyrics, gushing with self-disclosure: ‘I was overly well-read and my id escaped my head from my psychosomatic bed….’ Right then, that’s just about enough of that! Still, having said that, were I to bump into one or two of these eloquently produced little gems on the radio, I’d want it to be either “Oasis”, with its simple chord progression and refreshingly sweet little message; or “Dahlia”, with its haunting falsetto; or “Existential Me”, with its excellent harpsichord solo. Don’t misunderstand, on top of their outstanding vocals- These Guys Can Play! (Assuming, of course, it’s them doing all that playing.) But please boys, for the love of god, follow your archetypes and just sing about vegetables or twinkling stars or something, and drop the dreadful interpersonal and introspective examination. I mean really, how are young fellas like yourselves ever gonna get laid if you’re thinking and talking so much… about something so mysterious… as love?

P.S. For you guitar players out there: Within the slick insert (which had to cost a couple bucks), the artists have even included guitar chords above the thoughty lyrics, apparently to encourage sing-a-longs on the beach, or around the campfire, perhaps.

By Dave Downs

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