Jay Eff Kay – America: Suicide Notes Vol. 1

jayeffkay_suicidenotesv1.jpgThe context for Jay Eff Kay’s America: Suicide Notes Vol. 1 is best captured by the image included on the back cover of the CD jacket: you, my friend, are stuck sniffing the butt of “the man.” Jay Eff Kay uses 14 tracks of hip hop and rap to fight back. “Den of Rats” takes on the political system (“Republicans and Democrats / It’s all just one big den of rats”) while “F**K The World” shuns the trappings of American society (“They say you can be who you wanna be / But I think that’s dishonesty / All you’re ever gonna be is a cog in their economy … So quit your job / Quit your schools”).

Jay Eff Kay is Eminem-like is his delivery; from rhythmic cadence to vocal quality to rhyme structure, it’s clear that Eminem is an influence. The songs are well-structured, held together by strong choruses that bridge the gap between straight ahead rap and popular song form. At times, America: Suicide Notes Vo. 1 is unnecessarily vulgar. Jay Eff Kay is an extremely talented lyricist and rapper; he shouldn’t need shock value to get people’s attention.  

By Dan Gonzalez

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