Corporate X – Surrender

corporatex_surrender.jpgIf Corporate X is as business-minded as its name suggests, then Surrender finds this dance-rock act easily settling in for a little casual Friday behavior. It contains no lyrical equivalents to flow charts. Instead, it features songs about real life.

This act’s central player is Christine DeLeon, who fills these six tracks with eeriness that is reminiscent of Garbage’s Shirley Manson. Yet whereas Manson gets a little Charles Manson- angry at times, DeLeon mainly resorts to woe-is-me pain. She sheds Al Gore-sized tears over Earth’s travails with “Mother Earth” then confesses to falling in love during “With You”.

A song like “With You” is also one of Corporate X’s Garbage-ist of all. It alternates between skittering percussion and chunky guitar riffs similar to Butch Vig’s popular outfit. “Walk Away” borrows its electronic percussion ideas from old New Order dances mixes, but then adds acoustic guitar and DeLeon’s breathy vocals on top. Then with “Soul”, DeLeon plays the sad Monday morning quarterback over a relationship gone sour.

Corporate X is readymade to become public radio darlings. But with the right breaks, I can also picture tracks like “With You” ending up in regular rotation on modern rock radio.

By Dan MacIntosh

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