Carnifex – Dead in My Arms

carnifex_dead.jpgDead in My Arms is the debut metal album released by San Diego based Carnifex on This City is Burning/Uprising Records. Is there such a genre as “metal soundscape?” This 10-track offering is best described as just that. The “scape” is thick with blistering drum fills and guttural chants intended more to add texture than to fill the typical role of lead vocal. What this record lacks in melodic intrigue, harmonic variation, and lyrical content (the lyrics are completely unintelligible, perhaps intentionally so) is more than made up for in raw, unadulterated rage. If this piece of work was meant to establish a mood, it more than succeeds.

Ironically, the climax of the album comes with the relatively subdued “Dead In My Eyes,” a brief but much welcomed reprieve from the unrelenting sound barrage of tracks 1 through 8. “Dead In My Eyes” features an arpeggiated guitar lick that is the calm before the final storm.

All in all, Dead in My Arms is death metal being death metal. If that’s your comfort zone, you will like this record.

Review By: Dan Gonzalez

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