Joe Bonamassa – Sloe Gin

bonamassa_sloegin1.jpgTaking the album title and leading track from Tim Curry’s 1978 Read My Lips (Written by Alice Cooper alumni Bob Ezrin and Michael Kamen with Dick Wagner (A.C. alumni also) on guitar), Joe has given a good unrecognized tune a new ballsy, blues life. Mixing bluesy originals like Dirt In My Pocket and the ballads Richmond and Around the Bend with this and other time tested songs like Bad Co.’s ballad Seagull and John Mayall’s rocky Another Kind of Love further show Joe’s uncanny versatility. Black Night is given a haunting melodic curve, which is right up Joe’s proverbial vocal alley. On Jelly Roll, we roll back to traditional “Guy on a stool with a guitar” roots style blues. The song India shows Joe true to form experimenting with new sound and style dimensions.

Joe’s unique in this industry of stereotypes, in that he is able to successfully transcend the musical barriers between rock, blues, and soul. As I’ve said before, Joe is a class act and you owe it to yourself to catch him live. The best thing is that he’s always playing somewhere accessible, regardless of where you live. He’s always playing somewhere!  


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