A.A. Bondy – American Hearts

aabondy_americanhearts.jpgThe voice of A.A. Bondy is bound to scratch its way into your soul. With a delivery rough enough to make it real and sincere enough to make it matter, Bondy plumbs the depths of the human condition in his new release, American Hearts. Upon reaching bottom, he conjures up songs that strike a melancholy peace between love and the ineludible fate: “Your shipwreck eyes / They sing to me / As we ride a killer whale across a diamond sea / And over our heads / A lover’s waltz will turn until the end.”

Bondy is no dummy; he knows how to turn a phrase. Yet his music seems to lack any sign of premeditation or calculation, as if set forth naturally without conscious effort, spoken by an artist fluent in song. This isn’t folk music, or rock or blues; rather, A.A. Bondy’s genre is genuine music that comes from the Heart.

By Dan Gonzalez

Listen to “American Hearts”
[audio:AA Bondy – American Hearts.mp3]

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