VHS or Beta – Bring on the Comets

vhsorbeta_comets.jpgRecords like this make me long for the days when John Hughes was behind the lens. Quick, get Molly Ringwald back on set! VHS or Beta’s latest offering, Bring on the Comets, would fit perfectly as the soundtrack to an 80s teen comedy or an otherwise touching coming-of-age tale. In what can only be described as a clash between low-fi indie rock and synth-driven dance pop, the tracks on Bring On The Comets do something few records can do. They remain fresh and exciting while still reminding you of the band’s influences. Dashes of U2, Echo and the Bunnymen and Psychedelic Furs can be heard throughout in the layered, shimmering guitars and keyboard sounds. I’ll tell you what, if Andy Partridge knew how to move, I bet XTC would have crafted dance-rock albums as brilliant as Bring On The Comets.

Building on an Edge-like guitar sound, the title track (and the album’s masterful centerpiece) builds into a fantastic chorus outro. Fans of fellow Louisville natives My Morning Jacket will likely take a shine to this record, too; several key members of MMJ have substantial guest roles on the album.

By Ben Ricci

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