Seis Pistos – Korima Punk

seispistos_kosima.jpgIf you are a fan of energetic, power punk, with a healthy dose of hard rock, look no further than Seis Pistos. This Mexico-based quartet will quite simply steamroll you into submission with their blistering guitars and powerhouse rhythm section. On Korima Punk, Seis Pistos create a new and fresh sound, successfully blending Latin elements with punk rock. They sing in English and Spanish equally well and songs this good need no translator. “La Vida Facil” and “Cosmetic” are two of the winners on this extremely deep disc.

Think of The Ramones and Green Day, with a modern Latin feel and you’ll understand what type of high octane music the four lads from Mexico create. With the energy exploding off of this CD, I can only imagine who crushing their live show must be. I’ll see you there!

By  Joseph A. Italiano

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