Robezz – Paradis, Paradise

robezz.jpgRobezz is Las Vegas-based jazz artist and pianist extraordinaire. Inspired by some of jazz’s classic players, and influenced by his West African roots, the music of Robezz is a formidable combination of chops, infectious melodies and sexy rhythms. The musicianship on Paradis, Paradise, yes, no “e” in the first word of the CD’s title, is world-class and the songs will transport your mind to the coolest late-night jazz club that you could envision.

After years of recording and touring with some of the biggest names in jazz, Robezz has taken his rightful place in the front of the stage. For fans of jazz, smooth jazz and world music, Robezz is an artist that you must check out. He creates timeless music and it’s time for you to explore what this amazing artist brings to the table.

By Joseph A. Italiano

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