M.I.A.’s new album Kala

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Have you heard the new M.I.A album? It is f*&$ing sick. You have to go and get this album. I am telling you, it is one of the best albums of the year. For those who don’t know M.I.A., she is a British rapper of Sri Lankan Tamil origin who incorporates elements of hip-hip, grime, ragga and dancehall into a unique electric fuzz of cacophonous bliss. Her debut Arular was met with critical acclaim with diverse contingents from dance freaks and backpack hip-hoppers giving equal praise to the British rap diva. The new album Kala is the follow up that will not fail to impress. This is another dose of bouncing beats, spastic samples, verbal gymnastics and beautiful fuzzed-out harmonies. The first singles off this album are “Boyz” and “Jimmy”. “Jimmy” features an up-beat dance beat and flamboyant string accompaniment with M.I.A.’s breathy vocals dropped over it all “Acha!!!”. It is a wondrous and lush pop song.

One of my favorites is the slower and grimier “$20 Dollar” with it heavy back beats and fuzzy vocal harmonics. You got to listen to this.

Check out “$20 Dollar”


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