Stoli Razz – The Brits Are Acting Up!

As a proud member of the music scene today I just had to rant about 3 British musicians that are really a disgrace to our fine music scene all over the world.

Lets face the facts here, people love to party. We love to have a good time and let loose. People have their own vices and that is fine if done in a responsible and moderate manner. In the entertainment business it is acceptable to party & get a little crazy every now & again.

We have three British musicians in our midst by the names of Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, and Lily Allen. These 3 talented people are all capable of producing great music and claiming their piece of the music scene. Instead of doing that though they choose to live life like a bunch of degenerates. They are constantly getting high on hard drugs, missing shows, disappointing fans and ruining their own lives.

Amy Winehouse is the biggest disappointment. Her album & single “Rehab† is a true testament to how great she can be. Instead she decides to fill her body with all sorts of drugs and let others dictate the correct way to ruin her career. She looks like a mix of Nicole Richie & a zombie. This dumb broad misses 2 shows to open for Mick Jagger & The Stones.

Lily Allen is a ditsy pop tart. I actually like her song “Smile† and think she could bang out a few hit singles before cashing out. Her crazy behavior has forced her to cancel tour dates in the US due to an arrest she had. She has a cute look to her as well but claims proudly that she is an alcoholic. That is simply pathetic.

Now we get to Pete Doherty. Who looks like someone you just want to beat up! This guy has not had one hit to claim as his own. He is simply known as the drug addicted rocker who dated Kate Moss. The sooner this guy disappears the better. I get mad when any media outlet actually covers this bum.

My point here is simple. We in America love to party just as much as you do in Europe. If you want to have a music career here please do it. But do not come here acting like we owe you anything. The US consumer will eat you & spit you out. There is no loyalty. We have a million other singers, bands, & musicians that can compete with you musically.

Every time you miss a show, get arrested, or mess up we move on to the next big thing. Do not take your music career for granted, there are many others that will take it in a second. If you cannot take the limelight, go work at the mall or the local pub.

You may not choose to be a role model but in the entertainment biz you have no choice, so deal with it!

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