Bright Eyes Brilliant in Miami

Conor Oberst is clearly on his way to becoming a indie rock legend. At the tender age of 22 he has prompted comparisons to the great Bob Dylan. This may be premature and presumptuous but a listen to Conor and his band, Bright Eyes, will quickly give you a sense that such claims are not entirely unfounded. Musical genius is not determined by age but ability and Conor has demonstrated his ability time and again in his consistently evolving an prolific career. He already has six full length albums under his belt plus countless other recorded works. Conor is his music, it’s not a facade. The anguished voice that wavers over tortured verses is a poetic expression of his life and emotional disposition, illuminated by his earnest train-of-thought lyrical style. Artists who produce this kind of emotionally charged music often reflect a hyper-sensitivity to life and its pressures. This is precisely what allows them to so eloquently recreate and express commons truths we all understand but not necessarily know how to convey.

Bright Eyes’ entrance onto   the stage that night at the Gusman Center in Miami was met with enthusiasm, jolting the crowd out its slumber. Conor played his heart out, though his movements were erratic throughout the performance since was under the effects of alcohol. Despite his haggard state Bright Eyes rolled on and gained momentum through each song. The end of the set was met with a huge stir and abundant applause. Bright Eyes went on with a brand leaving the crowd energized and reinforcing the sense that here was a legend in the making.

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